Eline Huizing

Ik ben Eline, masterstudent aan de RUG en de EU Student Careers Ambassador 2022-2023. Als ambassador is het mijn taak om RUG studenten te informeren over de carrière mogelijkheden bij de EU. Ik organiseer evenementen, geef presentaties, sta op een banenmarkt of ik spreek af met geïnteresseerde studenten!

Would you like to work in an international environment and have the flexibility and mobility to determine your career path? Then a career at the European Union might be something for you! With an EU Career, your job will impact more than 400 million citizens and beyond on a daily basis!

However, where to start? What kind of opportunities are there? Which conditions do I have to fulfil to be eligible to apply? Often, a career at the European Union seems far away for students, but this does not have to be the case.

As an EU Careers Ambassador, I can answer these and many more questions for you. I can help you gain insight into openings for traineeships or permanent career opportunities at the EU institutions through the EU Concourse. Furthermore, I can help you explain the selection procedures and give advice on how to prepare for them. So do not hesitate to stop by and ask any questions you have



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